GoCardless for Xero, powered by Directli, was named App Partner of the year at Xero Awards in London October 2017
As a software company, we know the importance of getting our systems right. We know how important it is to build a product that is reliable, scalable and fast. We know that we're entrusted with making sure our customers get paid on time, every time and in this regard, we take the functionality of our software very seriously.

We know, however, that the product cannot stop there. We are passionate about building products that are, not only, functional but beautiful, simple and a pleasure to use. We understand the need to be distinct whilst still being familiar and that is why we've made several changes to the GoCardless for Xero application.

You'll notice the following changes:
  • A change to our logo
  • Colour changes throughout the app
  • Change to the system font
  • Icon changes throughout the app
  • A faster, cleaner user experience
We trust that the changes will help make GoCardless for Xero more user-friendly, more distinct and more importantly; an application our users will love using.

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Jarryd oversees the User Interface design and experience for Directli, ensuring that all new development is centred around the experience for our merchants.

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