GoCardless for Xero, powered by Directli, was named App Partner of the year at Xero Awards in London October 2017

For over 4 years’, the Directli platform has been ticking along, quietly getting on with payment processing and account reconciliation. In this time we’ve iterated, improved, bolted on and hacked away at a piece of software that was, in many ways, outgrowing itself. Looking back over that time; there have been so many questions revolving around what Directli is and where it belongs; what is its function and place in the world? These are the hard questions we’ve been faced with and having to learn the answers as we’ve gone along has proven to be an incredible challenge.

It was only after Xerocon and meeting some of our customers face to face, that we realised how much of a difference we make to people’s businesses. I can distinctly recall a conversation with a customer who said: “You’ve literally changed the way my business runs. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve given me!”

That’s when it dawned on me – we wrote Directli for the sole purpose of enabling businesses to run more efficiently, take payments more effectively and manage accounts more reliably.

You could say that Directli is growing up. We’ve focussed our efforts on strengthening our relationship with GoCardless, ensuring that we are best-positioned for customer support and scalability. GoCardless have made huge strides in their new API, which we’ve incorporated into the new version of Directli.

The entire system has been rebuilt, with a focus on what our customers need. We’ve stripped out all the unnecessary pieces that made Directli unwieldy and at times, confusing, and in their place, have built in functions and features that we know you’ll use and love. We’ve re-designed the interface to be simpler, more beautiful and easy-to-use and we’re sure you’ll find it somewhat familiar.

Soon we’ll be saying our goodbyes to what was essentially a software platform lacking maturity and will instead be welcoming a grown-up, scalable and reliable platform that we know our customers want and deserve.

The new platform will be going into a small closed beta later this month and will be more generally available mid September.

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William is the Chief Technical Officer at Directli and takes an active role in overseeing Development and Support functions ensuring platform stability and fantastic customer support.

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