GoCardless for Xero, powered by Directli, was named App Partner of the year at Xero Awards in London October 2017
Meetings; discussions; meetings; planning; Slack messages; more meetings; more discussion and some extra planning thrown in and you've got where we are today - an exciting scope, feature list and a dream to make Directli the system we know our users deserve.

Now all this sounds rather theoretical and "out there", but that's all we can share for now. We're in talks with our partners about the direction of Directli and what we think version 2 (yes folks... it's really happening) will look like. We have to say that we are more excited than a kid on Christmas eve, to show you what we've building. We wish we could tell you more, but this is the nature of software - you've got to play your cards close to your chest.

Stay tuned as we ramp up the hype - building anticipation for what we think is going to be a life-changing (too much?) platform!

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Jarryd oversees the User Interface design and experience for Directli, ensuring that all new development is centred around the experience for our merchants.

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